05 October 2014

Karma and Free Will ~ Sal Rachele ~ July 2004

Karma and Free Will...two very potent topics at this point in time, both churning up lots of interest, leading to many differing opinions. I just read this from Sal Rachele, although it was written way back in 2004 (and so very much has transpired since then!). I like what he says about these two hot topics, but please just move on if his perspective is not agreeable with you :)

Many thanks to Deus Nexus, where I first read about it.

Source: Sal Rachele

The subject of free will is greatly misunderstood. I like what "A Course In Miracles" says about free will: "Free will does not mean you can establish or change the curriculum (universal laws) -- it only means you can elect what to take at a given time." As an example, the soul lesson called "karma" can be a long, slow and painful one, or it can be learned and dispelled quickly by forgiving and letting go of the past and embracing the present. This can only be done with astute self-observation and a willingness to understand deeply all the traps and detours of the ego. The more aware we become, the faster we vibrate and the higher we go on the dimensional scale.

Free will has its limitations. Within a given level (density/dimension), there is a certain amount of free choice. When we choose to enter a particular density or dimension, we also agree to abide by the laws of that density or dimension, unless we have mastered them and come solely to guide others into higher realms, and even then we are still somewhat under the laws of that realm. For example, Jesus and others were able to perform so-called miracles because they used the laws of higher dimensions to supersede the laws of 3D.

I think we tend to confuse free will with ego-based decision making. They are not really one and the same. Again, it depends on what level of awareness we are coming from. Another way to look at this is to consider that very few of us have free will, because our wills are imprisoned within our habitual beliefs, programming and conditioning. From higher dimensional points of view (6th density or higher), it's all free will. At some point (pre-incarnation or whenever) we made a decision to have a veil put over our awareness. This made us subject to the laws and deceptions inherent in 3D without remembering the knowledge of how to transcend them. Stuck in 3D illusions, we then made decisions based on fear, scarcity, need for approval, etc. Once we use our free will to choose awareness over ignorance, then our future decisions are not dominated by fear and 3D illusions.

There is a certain amount of pre-destiny inherent in the Divine Plan. Eventually, all of us will ascend into higher realms. We have within our DNA the blueprint for ascension. Because of free will, we can delay the perfect unfoldment of that DNA blueprint. In a temporary sense, we can override it with negative beliefs and stuck emotions. In actuality, if we let go of our judgments, guilt, fear and constant worry and strife, the program unfolds more easily. Let it go and let it flow -- and it DOES just magically happen. But the paradox is, we must work hard to unlearn all the lies and distortions we have been taught for millennia that says the path to enlightenment is a struggle -- you know, "no pain, no gain" and all that. I'm reminded of one of my favorite sayings: "Letting go is easy, it's hanging on that's hard."

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