20 October 2014

Message From Matthew via Suzy Ward ~ 19 October 2014

Update 21 October 2014: Apologies, I didn't include a link...here it is:
Matthew's Messages

Some highlights from this message which includes a refresher on why we are here, doing what we are doing, and why Mother Gaia is, and has always been, the key factor in Ascension (it's her show!):
  • Ebola and its intention by the Dark will not succeed (please refrain from engaging the fear)
  • ISIS will run its respective course, just like Ebola ~ they provide avenue for karmic resolution
  • Decade of delay ~ 2007-2017
  • Mother Gaia's call for Cosmic help and her intention to bring us back to Oneness
  • Individual to take charge of their own Ascension efforts by allowing the Light in and dissolving the veil
  • NESARA ~ basis of world transformation and spiritual renewal ~ was medium to engage the Collective Conscious towards Ascension
  • Historical "first" ~ collective/planetary Ascension into higher dimension in one lifetime
  • Numerous Souls came in with their own "skills" to assist in this transition; this includes Souls who agreed to play role of Dark, but many succumbed to the negativity
  • Cabal has kept Humanity struggling to survive on third density level although Mother Gaia has successfull transitioned into the fourth, post-2012
  • Who wins in the November elections or becomes next President (USA) is moot because they have no significant bearing on the Ascension trajectory
  • President Obama did not succeed in his mission to align with the Golden Age timeline due to concerted efforts of the Cabal to prevent Humanity from awakening
  • Many "mini-shifts" to occur before 2017, so higher frequencies will birth more changes.
Here for the full message.

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