02 October 2014

October 2014 Energy Forecast: The Great Re-Opening and How Destiny Lives in the Details ~ Lee Harris

I feel that it may be helpful to read Lee Harris' previous post that forms a preamble to this October update. It's called "September Speed Pulses" Paving the Way for a Vast Opening in October.

Source: Lee Harris Energy (includes video)

Hello and welcome to the October 2014 Energy Forecast.
Good to see you all again as we go into a very different season on Earth, and going into a different season on Earth is true in more ways than one.
Every month I do a live Q + A broadcast. This is open to members of the public but it's also offered to all members of The Portal. In the first half I answer questions on energetics submitted by Portal members and offer tips, and in second half I answer questions, in channel mode. So I channel The Z’s and they answer questions that people submit.
This past month in September, a very interesting message came through in the first few minutes before any questions were answered by The Z’s. They explained that in the last few years, to some degree, certain guides and higher energetics and channels, have stepped back a little from the planet while we went through an integration period.
The point they made was that over the last two years, we on Earth have been trying to catch up with the high doses of energy that were coming into the planet prior to 2012.  And so post-2012 to now, life has felt very stasis in ways for many of us as human beings, compared to those years leading up to 2012.
What they explained was that this integration period is just about to finish, and everything is about to open up again energetically. They also said that we as a result will experience even more guidance, energetic and angelic support than we have had in the last couple of years. This begins now.
This is going to be felt in a very close way. 

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