07 October 2014

Planetary Update October 2014 ~ Jim Self

Listen to the 25-minute video here.
  • Concept of time in 3rd and 4th-dimensional construct continues to accelerate
  • Rigid structures of the lower dimensional world are collapsing, although it seems that there is no obvious physical evidence
  • Transition would be challenging to the world because the changes have been held back for the past years
  • Financial bail-out in 2007 and out-of-control printing of money contributed spiralling situation of huge debts in US, resulting in unsustainable $1M debt per head; disproportionate ratio of wealth owned by small elite, lower 50% of population owns less than 2%
  • 30% of population (US) own as much as 6 members of the Walmart empire
  • China developed 10 cities with over 1M housing units that are empty, zero population therefore no "payback" in economic sense so China is investing abroad eg. Panama
  • Tremendous shift in balance of wealth globally, playing field changing eg Russia in Ukraine
  • BRICS creating international monetary system among themselves, outside of USD
  • ISIS, Israel/Palestine, polar vortex, weather extremes
  • These changes are very real, how do we choose?

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