27 October 2014

Root Races ~ Lisa Renee

I just came across this article by Lisa Renee as I was searching for a suitable diagram for my previous post. If you've read Noel Huntley's "Fall of Man", then this would be a sort of summary for Noel's information, which describes the seeding of the Root Races (and the seemingly ubiquitous and never-ending wars) where we go through our incarnation cycles as a root race to "collect" specific strands of DNA.

The image below is the article's accompanying graph, which is a wonderful pictorial account of the descent of Gaia (and Humanity) throughout the dimensional realms. If you wish to read more details of this, then you can search for more information from  Crystalai/Krystalai who wrote quite a bit about this.

Please read this article at the Energetic Synthesis site.

Energy Matrix
Universal Mind Matrix
Density Five! HU 5 Founder Dimension 3 Rays
15 Universal Founder Ray 3 Collective Body. No Time (Father Arc) Pale Magenta Cetaceaanhale Aquaferion Genetic Basis (deep space Chakra) 14 Universal Founder Ray 2 Collective Body, No Time (Rishic Sun) Pale Gold Avian Seraphim Genetic basis (Chakra 3 ft above head)
13 Universal to Founder Ray 1 Collective Body, No Time (Mother Arc)
CRADLE OF LYRA Original Seadmg ol Human's and Pianelafy Explosnon
Conscious ness
Density Four! HU 4 12th Dimensional Blueprint 12 Earth Chakra Avatar Mind (Platinum Liquid Light Blueprint. White 144 Harmonics, 12 Base Frequency, Christos Avatar Body, Run 12D Hubs to Ascend. Chakra 6” below feet, connects to Shield 12“ below feet)
11 Galactic Chakra Silver Black
Buddhic Mlnd (DNA reversal begin. Anti Light Conflict, Reptilian HeadquarterlStonehenge, Moon Lineages, Chakra 18” above head)
10 Solar Star Chakra Christ Mind (Solar Mind/Logosl Frequency Net Dark Blue Run Reversed 100, Chakra 6" above Crown, Hljack HSP/Communication Left Ear to block Chrlstos)
Anti-Particle to Panlcle Merge
Monad Matrix
Density Three! HU 3 7th Dimensional Earth 9 Thalamus Chakra Causal (Kenatnc) Mlncl (Universal Kundallnll Silver Core Star Hara complex, Medulla Chakra. Higher Brain Function, Andromeda
8 Thymus Chakra Monadic Mind (Galactic Core, 81h Portal. Gold Permanent Seed »Momv Crystal Heartv ET. Lives. Orion War/Implants, Metabolic Function)
7 Crown Chakra Ketheric Mind (Planetary Mind/Logos. Violet Cmciflxioanlneal Implant, Partlal Ascension, leeraled from SD, Melalronlc, Arcturus)
Soul Matrix
Density Two! HU 2 5th Dimensional Earth
6 3rd Eye Chakra Celestial Mind Matrix ( Indigo Family, lndlgo Perfect Idea, Inner Vislon. Clarity, Sirian)
5 Throat Chakra Archetypal Mind (Etheric Template body.) Blue Obsolete Ascension Tlmeline, Speak Soul Plan. Pleadlan)
4 Heart Chakra Astral Mind (Collectlve Race Mlnd. Intumcm` Green Nadial Complex, Heart/Lung Complex, Reptilien Invasion, Egypt-Sphinx)
Personality Matrix
Density Onef HU 1 3rd Dimensional Earth
3 Solar Plexus Conscious Mind Matrix Yellow (Personality, Linear. Reasoning, Ego)
2 Sacral Chakra Orange
lnstinctual Mino (Lower Emotional body) (Desires. CreativeISexual. Addiction)
‘l Root Chakra subconscious Mind (autonomic process)
Red (Physical body intelligence, Harddn've cellular memories)
ener; ellcsynthemieom

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