01 October 2014

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 30 September 2014

I was a bit hesitant to post this update because there is the implication that we are very, very close to a financial reset, and that's something I don't really like to get into, which is why you don't see many posts about that on this blog. Plus we've been on this path before...and 911 happened. And then it was one thing after another. At least that's how I understand it. And...I personally feel that we need a huge "upgrade" in our consciousness (via The Event/The Pulse or whatever you call it) before any prosperity funds are released, because money-as-a-"power tool"-thinking is very ingrained in our belief systems. Anyway, I'll shut up now, here is Sheldan's upate, and as always I trust that you will trust your own inner guidance when reading anything I post :)
12 Lamat, 6 Tzotz, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We come in Joy! More and more, the evidence for the rise of a new reality manifests. A number of special agreements are being signed, which are to formalize a new financial system. These agreements set up new banking and trade regulations that run counter to the desires of the dark cabal. A pathway is being established to a more equitable and prosperous realm. The various exchanges of old monies are allowing numerous nations to revalue their currencies. In addition, the process is set for the functioning of a new global currency reset. These are all preliminary to the next major steps which include precious metal-backed monies and the rise of new governance. All of these developments are a precursor to disclosure. Disclosure is actually a major watershed. In your mostly forgotten global histories, the memories of these ancient deeds still vaguely remain. The Anunnaki did their best to make your forget your off-world and Lemurian ancestries. Disclosure is to return these memories to you and permit you to meet your Inner Earth cousins.

   We are here, as you know, to carry out Heaven’s divine dispensation, which is to return you to your former state of full consciousness. This process includes our mass landings and the introduction to you of a mentor. Mentors are meant to carry on a divine dialogue. This dialogue begins with trust and ends with you able to enter your crystal Light Chamber. This three-day journey is to reverse the epigenetic issues that prevented you from quickly returning to full consciousness and kept you mired in the horror of misplaced fears and illusions, which are the essence of limited consciousness. Hence, you first need to undo those horrors, which added to what the dark Atlanteans first gave you. Then you are ready to accept the grace-filled transformations of the Light Chamber. Your mentor and your various angelic hosts are to watch over you during this process. When you emerge, you are ready for a special training in the life tools we call our special etiquette. This in hand, you can begin your new life with us.

   As we stated previously, you have a number of important tasks assigned to you by Heaven. The former members of the Anchara alliance are most anxious to have you assist them in acquiring Light bodies. You, along with a similar species who are presently fully conscious, are there to counsel them and give these former Ancharans the courage to perform a process very similar to what you are to encounter. This selfless act of divine service is to secure galactic peace and permit this galaxy truly to become a showcase for this sector of physicality. We were told long ago by Heaven to permit the Sirians and their spiritual allies to watch over you. Somehow, the Anunnaki wished to secure your present limited state of consciousness and make you permanent servants to their own minions. The Sirians long suspected that the Anunnaki were up to no good. It is because of their diligence and the various Ascended Masters that Heaven implored us to take on this first contact mission.

   The dark cabal is the last living remnant of those minions that have controlled your realm for millennia. Unlike the Anunnaki, they formally refused to give up and undertake programs, which were to lead to your prosperity and to governance that was able to free you from a most heinous debt slavery. To this dark cabal, we were interlopers, with allies on this globe that needed to be defeated. The usual misplaced wars and terrors were to be the means to do so. These tactics have failed. The dark has reached a point where the surrender it feared is to become a reality. Expect your prosperity, and also the rise of governance that really wishes your input and your support. In this new realm, we can appear and aid your Ascended Masters in their duties to free you and inform you about the uncluttered truths given you long ago by Heaven. You are at last to bask in these truths and rediscover the extent of your magnificence!


  1. One of the things that makes me rather suspicious of this is his frequent mention of "Light Chambers". I don't particularly trust anything that claims to technologically enlighten me. Whenever he mentions these light chambers, I always picture a giant bug zapper! :) I'll take a good old-fashioned, natural--and organic spiritual connection any time. Even if it requires a bit of clearing and work on my part (as it well should)!


  2. Hi T ~ yes, lots of people freak out over that notion. I've been reading about these units of healing/rejuvenation for almost two decades now from various sources (many of whom talk about the Temples in Atlantis); I actually consider them natural :) Regardless, I definitely agree with you ~ doing our own inner work and clearing is a certain pre-requisite! Blessings