25 October 2014

Solara's October 2014 Surf Report

I know it's almost the end of October (and yet another year gone, in two blinks of the eye...) but this was just made available. Paid subscribers would get the full version much earlier, I assume :)

Source: The NVisible



Although all of us carry a deep yearning to live in our True Home, some people have questioned if they really have a physical True Home? Is the True Home merely an inner state of consciousness and not a physical place?

My feeling is that during these final days of duality, it's essential that as many of us as possible live in our True Homes. The greatly enhanced energy of a True Home is where we can fully inhabit the New Landscape. This is extremely important at this time because True Homes are anchoring points for the New Paradigm. Our True Homes are the first places where the New World is born.

Many people are facing huge decisions this month and feeling quite confused. They are searching for answers, trying to make life changing decisions, yet not listening to their own Heart's Knowingness, even though this is where the clarity and answers they seek will be found.

Will we stay in our old lives and continue to pretend that we are in "normal" times? Will we move to a slightly new position that has visible safety nets and doesn't take us out of our comfort zones? Or will we finally make the leap into our True Position and True Home with everything we've got?

It's important to remember that the greatest success comes from following our Wildest Dreams and moving into our True Position. If we try to do things out of fear, insecurity or perceived obligations to what others expect from us, it will be a rocky road.

Some of us are changing our residence in October and a few of us are even moving into our True Homes. What does it feel like to live in your True Home? First of all, there's a strong sense of comfort and familiarity. The sense of returning home to a deeper, vaster part of our True Self. And of being truly at home on this planet in ways we never imagined possible. There's the feeling of totally clicking into position in our RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

There's an old Inka expression, "The Flowering of my Tears". What this means is that our Years of Tears have watered the earth for so long. We have cried and cried throughout the ages for both the beautiful and the ugly, the sacred and the profane. We have let go of so much, and finally, at this moment, the most sacred and beautiful flowers can bloom from our tears. The Flowering of our Tears represents a time of fulfillment which follows a long period of difficulty. These are not just normal, earthly flowers. They are sacred flowers which can only grow after we have passed through a prolonged time of struggle and transformation into a time of rebirthing into a New, True Life. They are the precious flowers of our most inner core essence which will produce sacred seeds that will grow a New World. And this is exactly what it feels like. My Years of Tears, my entire journey on this planet for innumerable lifetimes, is now being transformed into the most exquisite flowers.

According to the Andean tradition we are in the time of Pachakuti which symbolizes a great cosmic transformation when the world as we know it flips over into something totally new. It's also known as the Time of Returning to Ourselves -- our true, authentic selves. It's the beginning of a new era in the fabric of time.

This is exactly what happens when we finally move to our True Home. It triggers a massive RESET of our entire beings, of everything we have ever known. This doesn't happen all at once; it's a gradual process, just like when we move in, everything isn't in perfect order. We're HERE, but we're not FULLY HERE. We're not "somewhere else"; we're not living in our past or our old lives, but we haven't fully caught up to where we are. We haven't yet fully expanded or aligned ourselves with our True Position.


October is a super intense, but totally exciting, month full of action and grounding in which things come together in unexpected ways, bringing both completion and new opportunities. We are riding a super strong, no frills, wave of DO WHAT'S NEEDED WHEN IT IS NEEDED and we don't have the option of doing anything else. There are also many varied levels of energies and events all simultaneously clamoring for our attention. During this month, we are given a strong taste of the intense, and super varied energies we will experience in 2015.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete OCTOBER 2014 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

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