06 October 2014

The Change of the Evolutionary Level: Blocking the Ones Who Try to Sneak In ~ David Topi ~ 6 October 2014

Here's just one account of how we are being assisted in so very many ways, on so very many levels, largely unseen and unknown to many people. David Topi shares this information from his Guide (Isis), and we learn that negative forces are still continuing their attempts to block our spiritual evolution, even to the extent of hijacking the Ascension platform. In spite of all that is going on in the mainly-unseen realms, we are still making progress.

I personally know without a doubt that the ascension of the Planet and her Human Race will not be possible without all the guidance, assistance and coordinated efforts of the entire Cosmos and the many realms within it. Whether we believe it or not, there is a very real war taking place, with Earth and the Human Race at stake. And this war is occurring on many fronts across many realms and dimensions, traversing countless timelines, lasting eons. And before I get too carried away, I'll stop now and post this message from David Topi...

Source: Laron from Transients

Here is another article by David Topi, translated from Spanish into English by José. This provides some information around the ongoing shift in consciousness, but in connection to the 'dark forces' and other beings who have been and are wanting to interfere with the process. There is mention of their interference in relation to humanities past as well.

By transients.info guest contributor David Topi

If you remember, in one of my old posts, talking about the information received about the process of the evolutionary change, they told us, really, that the beings , groups, races and entities that controlled the life in the planet as they wanted it, fight back against this process, and they have been doing, already do and will do, everything possible in order to stop it, although it was impossible for them. They told us, as you can see in the dialogue below , that they were trying to sneak, in “the butterfly”, in the new reality, for the same reasons that they used to sneak in our reality thousands of years before, and that there is a terrible battle in order to keep them apart, so in the following evolutionary level, for the human race, one can be free of their manipulations , controls and energy prisons:
David: So that’s why the other races or groups that assist us are keeping them apart in order to avoid any interference in the last “flapping of the butterfly”?
Guide: Totally.

David: in the cocoon they do whatever they want, but in the butterfly don’t even touch one of the wings..
Guide: That is. They are already trying it, don’t believe they aren’t doing it . But they don’t know how to proceed and keep what they have now. It is the best simile I can provide you. You have to take into account that they are so destructive, that they don’t care about nothing if they are able to obtain what they want to. That behavior moves them to their own destruction…. They can even destroy what they desire and destroy themselves. Has no sense how they are doing now, but this behavior, in an very much upper level, that you don’t understand, has it sense, although you don’t see it.

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