04 October 2014

The Doorway Between the Worlds is Opening ~ Bob Fickes ~ 3 October 2014

Source: Bob Fickes Enlightenment Program

Since the last new moon, there has been a lot of heavy karma moving out from deep inside of us. It feels like the cap is being screwed off the roof of this dimension in order to set everything free. All the things that restrict our mind and body from seeing beyond this world are being jerked out of us. The doorway between the spiritual world and our physical world is being pushed open.

Most people keep this door closed. They want to feel that their world is safely under their control and often feel fear of things they cannot see. When this door opens, the physical world we live in will start to break down. We can no longer control this dimension and prevent our life from becoming globally more conscious.

As the door opens, we are releasing emotions that are all associated with trying to control things around us, and holding on to past beliefs that no longer serve us. These are things we want to let go of, but our mind has a firm belief that we still need them and won’t let go. The door started opening last week and has already opened farther than we expected.

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