31 October 2014

The Etheric Chronovisor ~ Galactis Team ~ 28 October 2014

In the previous release from the Galactis Team, they chronicled the huge-scale attack upon Anais and the Sirians, and how they were able to repel the raiding Reptilians; this war resulted in some timeline manipulations as well as disastrous outcomes in the astral world (summary is posted here). In Alkesh's latest interview with Maarten Horst, he mentioned the chornovisor, which is the subject of this new production.

I would also like to mention that this documentary offers more details about the plight of MH 370, which the Galactis Team had covered in a previous article (you can find it on their site, or posted here). I have yet to finish viewing the entire video.

Here is the description for the video:
The film describes a Sirian hi-tech device, named the “Chronovisor”, through which information from the “universal memory” or Akasha can be accessed. The details offered are amazing; they include, among other things, the way in which the Sirian mother-ship moves through space and the concept of information and its storage by Sirians.

At the end of the film there are some predictions about the evolution of future events on a global scale as they were revealed by the Sirians.

Please watch this video here; it is about 100-minutes in length, subtitles available. It's good to bear in mind that this is from the Sirian perspective.

**Update ~ Just some quick notes:
  • Tensions to escacalate in coming months but global war will not occur
  • When the time-space vortex placed over our Planet by the Reptilians is dissolved, many people will come to know the truths; even then, each individual will need to choose the reality they wish to exist in
  • Romania may become the medium between West (Nato) and East (Brics)
  • Up until October, a "fog" would descend upon the Lightworkers, keeping activity to a minimum; it is a time of inner transformation
  • Reptilians placed in a time-loop after the recent battle to prevent them from further manipulating timelines
  • Sirians also "inserted" seeds in past that would allow for quantum jumps in awakening in near future
  • Period of respite from Sep-Oct where humans would have more time to consider their own awakening
  • Energy portals will be available for experiences of "mini-Event"; the exact timing of The Event is Divinely decide, no one knows when it will occur. Those who tap into these energies of "mini-Events" would be focal points of resonance for others, this in turn would increase the probability of The Event trigger
  • "Galactic" internet to become reality, with Galactis Team providing the channel to Anais and huge galactic data bank
  • Not even the Sirians able to predict events beyond Oct-Nov 2014 due to extraordinary complexities. However, Ascension timeline is already guaranteed, it just depends on us how fast we wish to go "according to the choices that we make"
Psst... I usually speed up long videos to reduce viewing time  :)

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