03 October 2014

The Great Walk HOME ~ Denise LeFay ~ 1 October 2014

I've been away (and will be for a couple more days) so my time online is limited. Posting Denise's updates usually mean more time as I try to waffle on a bit, but I felt that this was too relevant to just let it go.

This message from Denise is based on her current experience as she deals with the unfortunate circumstance of her mother's health issues. However, I believe that the information she has is also relevant for many of us on some level as the past weeks haven't exactly been smooth-sailing in a gently-flowing river...more like a fickle torrent of gushing tides alternating with an eerie clam of nothingness. Or just the rushing torrent only :)

From her perspective, Denise explains the deeper undercurrents that belie the turmoil, and shows us that despite, and in spite of, all the "activities" (ahem) in our outer lives, we are still heading Home...we just need to consciously remember that.

Please read her update here.

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