04 October 2014

The Love Letter: GO TIME ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 3 October 2014

Source: Think With Your Heart

Greetings LOVE letter reader & receiver of fun things...

I am pretty positive that you can feel it coming already, but JIC you are unaware...eclipse season is here!  Now, before you get all flinchy & frantically delete this email, I have some good news...

No matter where these eclipses deliver us, via the unique and individual journey that each of us will undoubtedly travel the next month or so, we are headed for some major life & body altering changes...well according to my Sources anyway.

Regardless of the route it takes, this is an exciting...even if teeth-clenching...ride!

And yes, we have a Mercury retrograde to boot...but this is going to be a beyond-powerful opportunity.  We are being given the ultimate chance to let go of all our lower-thought patterns for good...to un-pollute our minds so that our thoughts can work in tandem with our recently purified & wildly creative hearts.  Emphasis on the creative part.

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