21 October 2014

The Ongoing Shift : Navigating Our Way Through the Removal of Team Dark's Old Negative Distortions ~ Denise LeFay ~ 20 October 2014

"We are simultaneously both the Demolition Crew of the old AND the living embodiment and physical anchor-point Crew for the NEW within the NEW. If you can comprehend that extreme Duality—old/NEW, coming in/going out, dying/birthing etc.—while living, working, existing and functioning well beyond Duality within Unity or HighHeart Consciousness of the fifth dimension and beyond, then you’ll more easily and accurately understand what all it is that you and the other Forerunners have actually been doing, especially in 2014."

Denise shares more of the insight that she's garnered over the past weeks, and how it relates to the nitty-gritty Ascension work that Forerunners are going through ~ dealing with the clearing out of the Old while simultaneously bringing in the New.

This is quite a long update, which includes some expansion of the "Dark Mother" principle that Lisa Renee had discussed in her own recent message.


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