23 October 2014

The Solar Eclipse ~ Owning Your Experience and Keeping It Simple


2014 has been a year of high strangeness. We've had 10 months of getting used to it, but the thing is this ~ each time we settle in to a decent level of "okay-ness" with the high strangeness, it raises the bar and becomes high-er strangeness. And as if you needed reminding....the duration between these elevations of strangeness is getting shorter and shorter and shorter....until we get to the stage where every Now-moment is high strangeness to the n-th degree. Except that by then, we are supposed to be our fully conscious creator Beings, returned to our original Divine Blueprint, where the highest strangeness is the norm.

Okay, that was a demonstration of high strangeness-in-action; I did not intend to write that first paragraph (notice the title has nothing to do with it!), but there you go ;)

So, this solar eclipse that's just hours away...phew. What with all those solar flares bursting out of our beautiful Sun and this eclipse bookend (with the recent lunar eclipse), is it any wonder we are being fried in blissful activations? If I had ears like a beagle, they would be sticking upright now. I know many of us are really feeling it physically, literally being on fire.

Anyway, the purpose of this short post is as what the title says ~ be guided by your own Divinity to do what you feel you should do over this next day or two. I'm feeling that it's going to be a very personal experience for each one of us, and that we need to keep things as simple as possible. There's also plenty of external guidance from many sources, but I've been feeling the gentle nudge to keep a distance and experience this period in my own way.

Let's shine our own Light in our own way! Happy Sun-Bathing, everyone :)

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