07 October 2014

Understanding the Ego ~ Matt Kahn ~ 30 September 2014

This is a one-hour discourse, which you can watch here.  

Matt Kahn defines and explains the Ego from an understanding that is Soul-centered. Some highlights below:
  • Personality is of the Soul, we don't need to be like spiritual statues
  • Learning doesn't stop, "...we've only just begun"
  • Ego works both ways, superiority/inferiority to others
  • Highest teachings are rooted in Love, that requires us to be Love-in-action
  • Ego is the activity that happens when the Personality becomes inflamed and our perspective of Life becomes exaggerated, then we see things the way we think they are
  • We want to go Home because we have become allergic and inflamed by the unconsciousness that we are here to shift; we are having an energetic allergic reaction to Life
4 types of Ego and how they adversely affect the personality: 
  • Righteous Inflammation ~ when you need other people to be wrong so you can be right, one-upmanship; Insight balances this.
  • Victimised Inflammation "why is Life against me?", blaming someone or something; Discernment balances, going in the direction of what feels right
  • Entitled Inflammation, when you think everything belongs to you at the expense of others; Worthiness is balancing, "I am worthy"
  • Needy Inflammation, "It's ever enough", energetic vampires; Openness balances this.
Understanding this allows us to have compassion, otherwise their inflammations inflame us, and then "we all have allergies". We are here to help make the Shift so that people can stop getting allergic inflammations!

**Personal note: At this point in time, I don't necessarily share Matt's view of reincarnation; however, this in no way makes one view or the other "right". It's just that I've long been adamant that I would never do "this" again!

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