11 October 2014

Understanding the Recent Energies ~ Part 1


How have you been faring over the past days since the Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon followed by the 10/10 time-marker? It is my sincere wish and intent that you are doing OK (given the circumstances!). I personally found it very challenging physically, and if you had a rough time as well, then this information may provide you with some mental relief, which it did for me. Much gratitude to the Higher (Self) forces that assist us through these energy cycles, or else many of us would be stark raving lunatics by now :)

This information comes from a very dear Soul, Andrew Khor about these energies, and what he revealed was a huge blessing for me as it enabled a better perspective of the recent onslaught of Divine energies. I will explain further in Part 2 from my personal perspective because my experience and the information that Andrew brought forth will cross-validate each other.

I hope you find this beneficial in some way. Grateful thanks and many Blessings to Andrew for this. And let's also remember to accept these energies with great Love and deep gratitude! Special thanks to clairvoyants Jesbeer and Kanammah for their valuable insight.

From Andrew:

10th October Full Moon and Eclipse Effects
8 October was the full moon and total lunar eclipse (Grace - it was also a Blood Moon, the second of four in a Blood Moon Tetrad, see image above). I have no idea whether a full moon has been followed by an eclipse the next day. Anyway whatever it was, the past few days I have been feeling “stoned”.

Let me explain. Kanammah sent a message not to take fish during the eclipse. However I took curry prawns that night and an hour after dinner I started getting rashes on my body. It didn’t cross my mind that prawns were also seafood.

I did some self-healing and I also asked Bakshish to do some healing for me. So I felt better after that and the rashes went away.

But during the day time when I had to drive, I started experiencing dizzy spells and on one occasion I thought I was going to faint. So I pulled over and stopped the car.

Ever since then I have been feeling dizzy and tired. And I also tend to sleep early. So I tried getting hold of Jesbeer to find out what was going on.

So to all of you experiencing tiredness, dizziness, exhaustion, energy overloads causing pain and body aches or any sort of healing crises, there is an explanation.

Jesbeer took a look at the energy bath taking place and she saw energy from the moon – silver and white and energy from the sun, yellow and orangey – going to many people who were receptive to the energies.

The energy from the moon came directly to us but the energy from the sun went through several gateways before coming to us. And above the sun were three star constellations also adding their light to the energy from the moon and sun.

The energy of the moon and sun reflect the female and male polarity. So yin yang balance and wholeness is gradually taking place spontaneously for those who are ready to receive it. And the light from the stars is of course spontaneous DNA activation.

So everyone depending on their own situation as well as depending on the love and light EQ that they have will respond to the energy bath in their own unique way. Basically more cleansing is taking place and everyone will experience their own form of healing crises. In fact for some, meditation will not be possible. Energy overload!!!

After the healing crises, everyone will begin to experience an awakening of their psychic intelligence however it develops.

Hang on tight people. This is going to be a roller coaster journey. It hasn’t stopped yet. And when will it end, nobody knows!

Plenty of rest, plenty of pure water, plenty of exercises which raise your prana, look to changing your diet to have less meat. Start forgiving and start practicing compassion, and unconditional love.

And don’t forget to laugh out loud! 

 In Lak’ech. Andrew

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