11 October 2014

Understanding the Recent Energies ~ Part 2 ~ My Perspective

Usually, these energy download/cycles are not very much fun for me as I really feel the intensity at very deep levels. I was quite prepared for this recent surge, what with the Lunar Eclipse coupled with the second of a Blood Moon Tetrad, and amplified by the 10/10 time-marker. But this time, it was very different. Yes, I went through a very uncomfortable time but I also felt that it was rather odd. I was in pain, yet it was as if the pain wasn't "personal", if you know what I mean. I felt really miserable and crappy, but I also felt that my Heart Centre was fully wide open, way more than it usually is. In fact, in spite of how I felt physically, I actually was feeling quite blissed out in a very unexpected way. It was weird, actually. Andrew mentioned that he felt "stoned" (Part 1), and that is quite an apt description, minus the pain.

Heavy Lifting by Empaths
Anyway, Andrew and I had exchanged some messages over this period, and he brought up the subject of "releasing for other humans", which reminded me of what someone had said (apologies, can't remember who) ~ some are here to do the heavy-lifting on behalf of Humanity.

I'm aware that there was a little debate about that; some LWs had rejected that thought outright and insisted that they were not doing any "heavy-lifting" for anyone else. Well, they are quite right. But I also believe that some are her to do just that, to help accelerate the transition process and raise the frequencies. I feel that  many empaths are here to take on the heavy duty stuff, simply because they can feel into the energies and understand on a deeper level why they are doing it, and even know that they are doing it because they can. I know that it seems like an oxymoron that empaths should end up with this job, but they are the ones who can take on more and they know how to deal with it. I hope I'm making sense to you :)

Energy Overload
On the 10/10, I was already in my third day of misery and discomfort amidst the almost never-mind-I'm-blissed-out-anyway feeling. I need to point out that at this time, I had yet to receive the information I posted from Andrew in Part 1.

I was doing my usual self-healing with my energised crystals and quantum energy stuff, but nothing seemed to be working. I was getting really crappy (in a blissed-out way...weird) because I wasn't feeling better. Then all of a sudden, I realised that perhaps I was overloading myself with even more energies than my physical body could handle. So I stripped off my crystals, pendant, bracelets and tried to find a "neutral" spot in my home (I have orgonites and energy stuff all over). And after a couple of hours, I gradually started to feel better. Phew...took me three days to work it out.

I also had to reduce my meditation efforts for the past few days, not because of some conscious decision to do so, but because I felt I couldn't. No matter how hard I tried to work up to it, I just couldn't meditate "in full", so I just kept it to a minimum.

Later in the day, on 10/10, I received the information from Andrew via email. When I went through it, I had to laugh. He mentioned that he felt "stoned"...and the energy overload. Beautiful! I certainly can manage the whole thing better with this understanding, it made so much sense from my own experiences...and at least I don't feel that something's wrong with me :)

So, there are many more of these intense energies coming up, and we are repeatedly told that they will only get stronger in intensity. I hope that these two posts will provide some form of relief if you are also going through extreme discomfort. Know that you are not alone, and that you are on track. We can do this, together :)

Much Love and Many Blessings....
Shine Your Light!

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