08 October 2014

Update from AnT'na and IBOC via Gesanna ~ Communique 17 ~ 3 October 2014

If you have been following the information that Gesanna has been bringing forth from either AnT'na (IBOC) or Mr Jolly, here is the latest update. It would appear that they have come across some new information that could provide a "twist" (their word) to the events that are expected to unfold in the near future. They do not reveal what this new information is in this update; from what I understand, this will be forthcoming.

Source: Contact2Ascension


StarLogicMessage for Gesanna
From the Council and Mr. Jolly
Dear Gesanna,

We entertained your message addressed to us. Your readiness to reconnect with us has been well-received and understood. You have had no need to ask for forgiveness with regard to your absence as it was a much needed time of adjustment, not just for you but also for other purposes external and impersonal to you.

As you have been sensing, there are new advances being made, not merely by us but by the natural processes which in-turn cause us to readjust our own direction of choice and action.

We wish you to be available frequently and regularly once again as our oracle dispensing to those who are ready for these messages the new information we have to share.

We will connect our messages, through you, to particular online websites that host information such as ours for the greater dispersing of these messages.

Gesanna: Please state who ‘we’ are that is speaking to me now.

‘We’ are the Intergalactic Board of Council members and Mr. Jolly.

Gesanna: Who of this group is delivering this message to me now?

It is I, An T'na.

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