24 October 2014

Update on Unification of Light and Recalibration Symbol ~ Jose Sanchez ~ 20 October 2014

Much information in this guidance from Jose Sanchez; I'm just posting the first bit, so please do read the rest.

Source: Absolute Radiance

 My Dear Family of Light,

It is through the absolute love in my heart that I greet you and bring you this new update. May the love of life and the new change embrace you at your deepest core and may you see yourself as the Divine Self.

October has been and keeps on being an incredible month. A month of manifesting our holy divine essence. Much is and keeps on taking place in the inner realms. My own experience of this month has been an amazing one, and I have been extremely busy in the inner realms as well as in my day to day life.

On the 16th I had a very interesting dream. My dream started by seeing myself in a house I was familiar with but did not recognize. For some reason there was a tv, the ones with a wooden frame. I tried to turn it off and electrical sparks started flying because my energy was affecting it. Next I walked away and into an under ground NASA base, as I walked through the corridors there was a young man running around, screaming to the top of his lungs “ We have an ET, we have an ET.” I then saw myself in the main control room and noticed there was a sort of space cabin. Suddenly on the speakers it was announce the boy had infiltrated NASA and what he was saying was a hoax. Next I went outside and was walking towards an older man when behind me noticed the Sun was deeming as the solar eclipse had begun. The Sun practically disappeared and to the right Jupiter or Mercury kept fluctuating in and out of the picture, then it disappeared and Saturn appeared. The planets were so close and big that I could see Saturn’s ring. Then in front of Saturn and closer to me the full bright moon appeared.

Reason why I mentioned the dream is that on the 16th there was a huge shift and a thinning of the veil which allows for a greater connection to greater source of light. The 22nd being another day of turn over in energy, and the 23rd acting as a marker of the new phase of light unification activations. The 24th and the 25th will be powerful days as the beginning of the newer codes that will allow the New Human template to be integrated and manifested by a larger group of humans as a natural process. For others it will be a day of activations and initiations given through group healing. Also for many of you who are ready to transcend limited consciousness much will be revealed in subtle ways and then in much more substantial forms.

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