15 October 2014

Utilising the October 23-25 Trigger ~ Sandra Walter ~ 14 October 2014


Much guidance here to amplify and further accelerate the Ascension energies for Humanity as a whole.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and those in Service to the New Light: Get clear, relaxed and ready to unify. I AM sure many are sensing this upcoming acceleration on October 23 – 25; it looks like a wonderful opportunity for the Shift and Ascension timelines.

As we step into our true Creator skills and operate in the highest interests of all concerned, we are capable of assisting the collective consciousness in powerful ways. The New Light supports unified intentions of Divine Love, Peace and the Shift to Higher Consciousness. Let’s take advantage of the intel and make this as powerful as possible.

Gateway Trigger dates: October 23 – 25

Gatekeepers: Opening October 21, anchoring through the 26th. Gold, Diamond, Crystalline Gates.

Gridworkers: Focus on acceleration of the Shift. Gold/Christed light infusions.

Light Servers/Lightworkers: Unified focus on Unity Consciousness, Unifying HUman Hearts of Divine Intent.

Please continue with this guidance here.

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