28 October 2014

Why This Solar Activity Is So Important! ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 27 October 2014

If you are reeling (and sometimes crawling) from all that sacred, loving, potent and urgent energies via the many (I stopped counting...) X-class Solar flares, here's yet another reminder that this is all for our own good...sigh. I couldn't fall asleep for hours last night, and just found out today that it was around the time we had the latest X-flare. And the less potent but still powerful (and numerous) M-class flares? Who notices them when we have to contend with the "X" ones, right? Breathe....

And as Denise LeFay pointed out so wisely recently, it doesn't mean we don't feel it is the flare is not facing Earth! We feel it no matter where on the Sun the flare erupts...in real-time too, not the "scientifically calculated" distance of light speed or whatever. Instantly, wherever.

One more thing before I get to Aluna's cheerleading (which we need as much as possible!). Just a few days ago, a dear Soul told me that he received information that this recent batch of Sun-zaps would open us up to ancient wisdom and teachings. Which is what Aluna says...wow! Thanks, Andrew

Source: Aluna Joy fb

We are almost out of this solar flare gauntlet as the rotation of the sun will take the offending, but still growing, AR2192 sun spot with it. The good news is that the energy will be a bit gentler on your nervous systems, and your computers will be safer pretty darn soon! I can hear you sigh in relief from here.

BUT . . . even though soon we will not be able to see solar spot AR2192 (with solar shades), it doesn't mean that we won't FEEL what the sun emits while this massive sun spot is on the flip side of the sun. We are connected to EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING is connected to us. This solar flare crow bar will continue to pry open our mysteries and wisdom that are deep inside of us, and on Earth! Ancient solar cultures for eons (Mayan - Incan - Egyptian - Druid - Essene, etc...) have understood the spiritual and alchemical importance of the SUN!

Hidden Ancient Mystery Schools around the Earth will be emitting new frequencies like the ones in the Palenque, Mexico, Egypt and more. Palenque is the head of an enlightened dove grid and acts as a healing balm to the soul, activates the divine creative mother, time travel, and dimensional travel. Egypt, its Great Pyramid, the Sphinx's Hall of Records and Egypt's connection to the holy land mystery schools are unparalleled in alchemical stature. We hope this solar flare storm will pry open and release their most hidden mysteries. Are you ready to receive them?

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