10 November 2014

11:11 ~ The Middle Stair-step of the Last Three Months of 2014 ~ Denise LeFay ~ 9 November 2014

I was very intrigued (getting used to being "synchronistically surprised") to read Denise's latest update, which she has rushed out in time for the 11:11 portal. She was describing a vision which was very similar to the one I had in dream-state just last night. It was set in a sort of "Cosmic hospital", and that was what I recalled from my dream, except that I don't remember anything else but being in the hospital.

Denise paints the complete picture of what was actually transpiring, and it's most astounding! We were being tweaked and prepped for the next stage of our transition...into our Crystalline LightBody...which was what Shanta Gabriel's message (previous post) was about...!

Please read the full message here.

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