20 November 2014

20-25 November ~ Portal of Creation ~ Golden Particles of God ~ Solar Plexus ~ Metatron via Anna Merkaba ~ 19 November 2014

These activations, portal openings, celestial alignments and whatever else the Cosmos can throw at us, are getting more frequent and more intense. It feels like we've entered a critical "building-up" phase.

In this update, Anna Merkaba mentions an earlier article about releasing, but there was no link given. I believe she means this one: Release the Trigger and Let It Go

Source: Sacred Ascension

Personal Note: What I am explained is that the days leading up to the portal which will occur on the 22nd of November, we are to focus on releasing as much as we can that has come up for us recently. Many of you are already familiar with how to do this, as I keep talking about this over and over again. For those of you who are new to my channelings, I ask that you please look up the Letting Go article here:

We are asked to cleanse our palate and prepare for incredible activation which shall take place on the 22nd of our solar plexus. Please keep in mind that only those who are ready to have their solar plexus activated, and those who are ready to step into their power will experience this activation. For those of you who are not yet ready, or have not fully let go of the past, you are going to have a fantastic opportunity to do just that! The portal which opens her gates on the 20th – the 25th of November will allow us to not only let go of the past, not only welcome in the new, not only open to our creative energies, not only activate our solar plexus, but also allow us to heal our wounds. Therefore if there is something in your life, or your body that you wish to heal, that you feel you truly are ready to let go of, this is the time to ask for this to occur.

A gemstone of choice for this particular portal is : CITRINE, SMOKY QUARTZ, RUBY, CALCITE, EMERALD, GREEN AVANTURINE

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