18 November 2014

A Short Update ~ Cobra ~ 17 November 2014

Source: Portal 2012 

There is a very delicate operation of the Light forces ongoing and until it is complete, no substantial intel can be released. If everything goes according to plan, heaps of intel will be released in a few weeks and especially after mid-December.

Until then, you can listen to this short but interesting Cobra interview (the first 14 minutes):
Also, for the French speaking population, beautiful videos have been created.

About the Event:

About the compression breakthrough:
About the Galactic Confederation:

About the Galactic Codex:
About the forces of Light and forces of darkness:

About the White Knights:

About quarantine Earth endgame:
And about the Removal of the Chimera:
Despite all appearances, the victory of the Light is near!

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