23 November 2014

A Title-less Update

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Sorry, I truly couldn't think of a suitable title, and my brain actually hurts when I think too much nowadays. Just a rash of updates which I feel may be of interest to some.

It's been a really strange and eventful year. As we rapidly get pushed towards the closing of 2014, I sense more and more (especially since November began) that it's feeling a lot like the last months of **gulp** 2012. There is this momentum of a grand build-up, just like in 2012. And just a quick reminder in case we had forgotten, it's not that "nothing" happened post-2012. It's just that "nothing-blatantly-super-obvious" happened. If we stretch our vision to encompass other realms, that fixed point in time was uber-critical for all the reasons I've mentioned in previous writings. Simply put, the reason that we are seeing massive change in the external world is because "something" did happened.

So, these energies feel loaded with a sort of familiarity, like a calling from Home (and I've just posted two articles with "Homecoming" in their titles!). And yet, despite this sense of familiarity, it's also very, very, very NEW. It's like we are experiencing deja vu with an inner knowledge that we are heading towards Home that's in a new territory, uncharted waters. I know that sounds so oxymoronic, but it's truly how I perceive it, and that's the most precise way I can explain it.

What keeps looping in my poor brain (that feels like just giving up) is Gil's remark:
"The past is old, the future is ancient."

And that's what I'm feeling so much these days. We are heading towards a very ancient yet new future.

It's getting increasingly challenging to be in a dense consciousness environment. I'm aware that many are feeling this in their personal lives, and the only suggestion I have is "Love, Love, Love". Love for the situation, love for yourself. I will admit that a lot of times, I choose myself over the situation and simply make a graceful exit from the situation, if possible.

One of the things that makes me feel like 2012-redux is this constant "fog" I've been in. I feel that I'm in a sort of dream-state even when I'm awake. This was how I felt over the three days following the December Solstice in 2012 ~ like I was enveloped in a constant cloud of dreams. The only time I snap out of this dream-state is when I get agitated or worked up...read "vibrated down"...and then my thinking (and the dream-fog) clears. I initially thought that I was sleepy, so several times I tried to sleep this off but I just couldn't fall asleep. I've come to understand that this is what expanded consciousness can feel like; synchronicity pointed me to an article by Celia Fenn that put me at ease ~ you can read it here:  Why We Feel So Tired So Often

It's also much easier lately to be in joy, for no apparent reason. All it takes is just a conscious intent, and the shift is pretty quick. I remind myself as much as possible to operate from this state (which actually intensifies the dreaminess...but there you go!). With this inner joy comes a lightness that enables me experience more expansion, which however also increases the dream-fog. Hmmm...

And speaking about dreams...I had one last night where someone (don't know who) requested a certain experience (not specified in the dream I "knew"), so I created the experience for him by dreaming it. My dream manifested what he requested. I've written before about dreams and how we should "dream our future", so I won't repeat here. What I will emphasise comes once again from Gil, who said:   "As we dream ourselves asleep, so shall we dream ourselves awake."

If you are interested, here's the post.

That's my rather scattered update for now. Apologies, even reading is getting challenging lately, let alone writing :)

Before I go, however, I would like to drop a hint: if you've read John Ross' update and the Chimera situation, I'd like to alert you to his latest. I'm sticking to my policy (for now) of not posting to avoid unnecessary distractions and potential trouble with crucial and delicate missions being carried out by others. And oh, also another eye-poppingly incredible update from Katelon, who assists John, which you can read here *hint hint*  One last thing (promise)...Cobra just came out with more great news...L1 cleared. Something tells me I can start posting John's and Katelon's updates here soon :)


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