04 November 2014

A World In Transition : A Time of Dramatic Change ~ Tolec, Andromeda Council ~ 2 November 2014

I have been away and rather pre-occupied; this means that it may be some days before I actually get to this roundtable discussion. I'd probably make some notes later, but for now here's the interview. Stargazer, thanks so much for alerting me to this
This is the description on Tolec's site:

The third in a series of panel discussions.

Please find & enjoy the archive recording of a new roundtable panel discussion which was held Saturday evening, November 1st, 2014 & moderated by Joe Marra of Universal Talk Radio on the PSN Radio network:

"Our World in Transition: A Time of Dramatic Change".

It was in fact a dynamic, insightful & enlightening conversation among all of us. Panel guests included:

Mark Kimmel, Jim Nichols, Dan Brock & Tolec, hosted by Dr Joseph Marra.

Listen to or download the mp3 here, or go to Youtube here. It's about 137-minutes in length.

**Update: Some highlights below. Generally, this discussion confirms the positive Ascension timeline (rapids) that we are white-water rafting through. It also emphasises the undeniable fact that we are being assisted in countless ways from Higher/Cosmic Beings, and that we are getting "there", inspite of what's being thrown at us to keep us from moving forward.
  • We are reawakening to our ancient knowledge (this seems to be a recent "theme")
  • The transformation this time around will be smoother, without a "Great Flood" scenario to re-set the evolutionary cycle; we will also receive much assistance from our Star Family
  • Our transformation, although occurring generally on a collective consciousness level, is also at the same time occurring on individual level
  • Some of the creator gods started creating anomalous creations when they strayed too far from Source; many of such mis-creations are here in our Galaxy. Earth, however, was originally 12-D but became tainted over time with negative energies which resulted in lower density
  • About 1 billion years ago, the creator gods "froze" Earth to prevent her from falling too far "down" at the physical density and we are now coming out of this (Jim Self has explained that 3D "reality" prevented Earth from falling further "down")
  • From 12.12.12, 3D construct removed; the Dark no longer has its foundation so the Dark getting darker and the Light getting lighter
  • About 53% currently awake/aware of higher consciousness; however, about 5% are highly aware and moving things along, at the same time about 3-5% determined to remain dark
  • Discernment and intuition required in order for us to choose what is energetically appropriate
  • We are now on a positive timeline, Star technologies and education will facilitate this shift
  • "Future is going to be glorious" (what Bob Dean has been told as well), we are going to be OK
  • Severity of Earth changes decreasing and will be mitigated due to higher consciousness energies
  • Potential "manufactured" disasters eg. Ebola, wars are being quashed, thereby scuttling the Dark's objectives
  • Physicality comprises about 1% of the entire creation in the Cosmos.

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