26 November 2014

Beyond the Quarantine Zone ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 25 November 2014

I always look forward to Ibrahim Hassan's messages, and here's one via Youtube. This is just a short video (about 8 minutes) explaining about the quarantine field (which I hope will be dissolved really, really, really soon...) and the different realms that corrrelate with our multidimensional selves:
  • Physical
  • Ethereal
  • Astral
  • Mental
  • Wisdom
  • The Will
  • Enlightened.
He also talks about the 2 cosmic anomalies between the physical and ethereal, and between the mental and wisdom realms; this represents the "separation" between self and Higher Self.

Here's the description provided:
This film talks About: The Worlds and Dimensions that exist beyond the Quarantine; which surrounded planet earth, the inner bodies, the inner journey in these Dimensions, the basic universes of creation and finally the Cosmic Anomalies...

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