10 November 2014

Chimera Status ~ John Ross, Freedom4Humanity

First of all, I would like to thank Higher Density Blog, where I was introduced to John Ross and his Freedom4Humanity Blog. HDB had posted John's latest entry, entitled "Chimera Surrender Complete", which piqued my curiousity and perked my eyes. I spent a good hour there, reading through his posts.

John's last three posts centre around the surrender of the Chimera group and their eventual return to Light. His earlier posts echo Cobra's intel about the Chimera and Light Forces, as well as Sheldan Nidle's information about the Anchara Alliance (John calls it "Ankara").

Obviously, John's claim about the surrender of this group is really very bold, to say the least; he acknowledges this himself in his post. We know from Cobra that this group, what with their strangelet and toplet nukes, is almost the last obstacle for the Light to make a complete breakthrough in removing the negative energies/entities/technologies from Earth and her Humanity. I have no way (and no idea) of knowing if John's account is true. He himself is involved in brokering the surrender.

What I do know is that I had a vision just yesterday, of what I call Rainbow Light Warriors escorting dark entities (non-Earth humans) from our Planet, back through a portal to the Galactic Centre (as explained in my previous post). I would like to believe that my vision and John's claim are related and pertain to some sort of surrender back into the Light. Either that or John has been misinformed, and my vision was wishful thinking :)


I will link to a few posts in chronological order that lead to the latest:

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