13 November 2014

Cobra's Response to Chimera Status

"Darkest Before Dawn" ~ Heni's Happy Paintings

I see that John Ross' report on the Chimera surrender is receiving lots of attention on Cobra's comments section, and thankfully, Cobra has responded:

"The Chimera has not surrendered and has not been defeated yet."

"...yet"...so it's just a question of "when". We will know when we will know.

Now is not the time to be distracted unnecessarily from second-guessing the true situation. In fact, now is the time to amp up even more our efforts to raise our own vibrations, assist in the liberation process in whatever manner we can, and be in service to Mother Gaia. And definitely send our gratitude to the Light forces and all who are directly involved (and risking their very lives) in the process. And also many thanks and much appreciation to Cobra and John!


  1. John Ross was talking about the Etheric Chimera, the Earth minions still have to be dealt with. I know there is truth in what John Ross is saying on some level because I was led to the info yesterday. Normally, I never read the comments on a blog - too much unnecessary info to wade through - but yesterday I was led to look at the comments. Since a live link was not provided - I had to do a google search to find Ross's site.

    Thanks for providing the connection. There are many things happening on different levels and I sense no insincerity in Mr Ross. We all experience Truth in different ways and one of my agreements in this lifetime is not to follow only one view of The Truth, but to find the common thread that runs through all versions of The Truth.

    There is a common thread here and that is all that needs to be said. Neither John nor Cobra is wrong about their viewpoint based from their experience.

    Besides, it helps the Ascension process if people feel as if their is progress with the Chimera. What we focus on comes to life eventually as the Elemental forces magnify our focus - whether our focus is higher or lower frequency - they have to magnify it for us if we remain focused on it for long enough.

    1. This situation reminds me of the Ison issue (comet? ship? I call it a Comet-Ship). Like you, I do not judge anyone as right/wrong, and will continue to follow John's reports for as long as I'm guided to do so.

      Very likely, I won't be posting them here because I do not wish to jeopardise both John's and Cobra's missions in any way, and certainly I wish to avoid further debates :) I hope you will also continue to track John's progress for as long as you are guided.

      Thank you for your views, Shaunie; they are much appreciated.
      Namaste and Blessings