02 November 2014

Communique 20 Part A ~ An T'na via Gesanna ~ 30 October 2014

"Live long and prosper"

If I understand correctly the events that have transpired on the island of Hawaii in its ongoing endeavours to establish itself as a sovereign kingdom as well as the first "space-port" and hub for First Contact (see Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary), coupled with the current unrelenting lava flows, then this message from An T'na is certainly eye-opening.

She expands on the previous communiques and gives more details about First Contact, connecting the efforts of the island and the current lava flow to give us a bigger picture of how all these occurrences are coming together in synchronicity to create a viable opportunity for First Contact in the very near future.

Source: Contact2Ascension

Gesanna: The current events of the lava flow that is making its way toward where I live has diverted my personal time and attention from focusing on ‘the bigger picture’ that is unfolding ‘behind the scenes’ that are more importantly relative to us all.

Given these natural events of change that is occurring here in my local area which, in response, are causing me to soon make some personal changes with respect to where I live, I feel that there is a connection between these localized planetary events and what you, the Council and Mr. Ja'li, have planned with regard to the greater matters of contact, ascension and returning Home to Shambala.

Many months ago I received – from you? – hints of such environmental events being part of that plan. It also seems to pertain to a lucid dream I had – which, at the time many years ago, may have been precognitive? – hinting at a particular way of life or manner of society that is yet to come into existence…but it all seems to be interconnected.

Would you please clarify this as pertaining to the event of contact and so on?

An T'na: Greetings, Gesanna. I am An T'na. Yes indeed, you have been distracted from focusing on your work with us, but we do understand the need to give attention and effort to prepare for what is soon coming your way.

Rest assured that what you are going through is all part of a much greater plan. So do approach it from a place of calm, knowing that it is all part of something much more than you are observing superficially. Remember to keep it all within the perspective of the greater unfolding of higher events. For now, detach emotionally, relax, sit back, observe, and go with the flow of the flow, as you put it.

Are we causing the volcano flow to be active now in your area? No. What is occurring is completely initiated by the planetary changes themselves. We are merely engaging what is already occurring in a manner that will help further the plans for contact and so on. Bear in mind that contact is the ‘Stardoor’ leading to further experiences such as ascension and your return Home to Shambala.

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