13 November 2014

Consubstantiality ~ Lisa Renee ~ November 2014

Important information from Lisa Renee, who stresses how imperative it is to align our thoughts and intentions with higher consciousness in these times as we are literally going where we've never been before, and to strengthen our connection to our Soul and Heart Centre, and to embody the Christ Consciousness.

Source: Shifting Timelines (includes audio)

Dear Ascending Family,

The planet has entered another intense Magnum Opus stage of the Galactic Zodiac Law being transmitted from the Sun, which is currently being directed through the constellation of Libra. These stages of transmitting alchemical forces to aid consciousness evolution are qualities, which have never been previously exposed to this planet. We have begun an evolutionary stage which alters the relationship between the spirit and the physical body, through a phase transition known in alchemy as sublimation. Sublimation is used to describe an exchange of bodies and spirits,  similar to a laboratory phase transition made between solids and gases. The process of sublimation is to purify the primary elements within mixtures. The product of this process is called Consubstantiality.  This is the alchemical process, which becomes aligned to an essence, frequency, and element, that mixes with substance and brings a new type of creation, a new composite of raw material to the earth.
Consubstantiality was used by the Essenes and Gnostics to describe phase transitions in spiritual alchemy.   For purposes of clarity and context, this term was used before the First Council of Nicene's adoption of the word. In Gnostic texts the word is used with these meanings:
  • identity of substance between generating and generated;
  • identity of substance between things generated of the same substance;
  • identity of substance created between the divine partners of an Aeonic Pair.
When we apply the context of the word Consubstantiality to the comprehension of consciousness as intelligent energy that seeks to manifest itself in a quantum world, the meaning of the word changes. This phase of consciousness evolution combines the dual aspect of the spiritualization of the body and the corporalization of the spirit into the matter world. Many different off planet forces are descending into the matter world as the planet is ascending through the harmonic scale, and opening into higher dimensions of future timelines. As these forces of the spirit may become corporeal through a human body, the human body can become fixed and consubstantial with it. To be consubstantial with something is to be identified, associated and enmeshed with it. If we are not aware of our thoughts and actions, we may become consubstantial with undesirable forces without realizing it. One may choose to be consubstantial with the Christ Consciousness and therefore, embody the trinity of the Holy Father, the Holy Mother, The Holy Spirit as the Holy Son and Daughter. However, this embodiment may not be recognized by most people on the earth.

Many humans on the earth are indifferent to their spiritual growth, or are unable to discern the world of forces through mind control.  Therefore, they are susceptible to become consubstantial (of the same substance in consciousness) with Imposter Spirit forces. This is to describe the identification with the sam```e substance made as consciousness, which is brought into the physical  through the human body.

As a person or group identify their own ego/personality with these varieties of collective forces, they become one with them and aligned to that group consciousness and its mental body schema. Therefore, the person or group becomes a primary vehicle for that force or gestalt of consciousness and carry out that quality of mind.

At this time whatever force we become identified with, we will become fixed with and potentially consubstantial. Our elemental body will undergo forms of alchemical change, which relate to our consciousness shift, either ascending or descending. If our mind is identified with the Imposter spirit, our body will become consubstantial with it and embody that force. This will harden our heart and close our mind. If our mind is identified with our inner Christ spirit, the body will become consubstantial with that and purify and cleanse itself to embody that force.  This will soften our heart and open our mind to higher consciousness.

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I'm appending a section from Lisa's update below:

Suggested Command for Sovereignty of Brain and Nervous System
  • Open your 12 D Shield.
  • Stabilize in your core and open a vortex field if that is part of your practice. Feel free to call upon Krystal Star Guardians or guiding beings allied with your Divine Purpose.
  • Once your shield and core feel as stabilized as you can get them, speak to your body, brain and nervous system these words:
  • My body, I speak to you as an intelligence and I speak to you with Love. I am in charge of our God Sovereign Freedom and nothing will compromise this. I will take care of you with all of my heart! (Take a moment to feel this connection come alive. Then say the following.)
  • I now command my Brain and Central Nervous System:
  • I Accept only messages that are truthful and organic to my highest consciousness in Christ.
  • I Accept only messages that support my higher good and Divine Blueprint in God Sovereign Freedom.
  • I Permit only that which supports my highest good and Divine Sovereign Purpose to Serve my God-Self.
  • I eliminate all messages that are inorganic or are harmful artificial intelligence, now.
  • Any inorganic intrusive or artificial messages, scripts or impulses are evicted and forbidden now.
As I am God Sovereign and Free, this I decree with all of my heart, mind and might to serve my God Self. Beloved Body, thank you and so IT IS. I seal and end my connection with love and gratitude. Thank you!

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