17 November 2014

Designed (And Rigged) To Win

Humanity...limited in consciousness, suffering from severe amnesia, programmed and manipulated at every turn, living an illusion we are trained to call "Life", disconnected from all that's truly important, imprisoned in our own minds, and perhaps the most frighteningly dangerous of all...unaware or unwilling to see the situation for what it really is.

This may sound like it's going to be a negative, despondent and defeatist post. It's not. In fact, it's quite the opposite. This came about as a result of recent communication with a few people who felt that we needed a pep talk. It's also a reminder to myself and all readers that this is a Game that we can win, and are winning. While it may seem that odds are firmly stacked against us with no room to manoeuvre, there is every reason that we're actually set up to win.

We can't lose, unless we choose to give up. And just to stress this point, the title refers not to the Dark, but to Humanity.

Positive Timeline
This is a recap, an important one we tend to forget. Prior to the 2012 December Solstice, we had our "Cosmic Cheerleading Contingent" out in full force. They threw everything they could at us, to work us up to the vibrations and conditions that were critical to thrust us out of a time-loop and into a positive timeline for Ascension. Even the Crop Circle makers obliged, feverishly churning out several beautiful formations in 2012 before semi-retiring thereafter. I believe Humanity as a collective had to reach a certain threshold frequency so that we could hurl ourselves out of the time-loop (Mother Gaia has no problem, it's just us) to align with the Ascension timeline.

We are now navigating this positive path. Even though it may not be crystal clear how the Ascension scenario will play out eventually, it's important for us to recognise that we are heading in the right direction.

The Cycles Say So
Since we have made it onto the Ascension timeline, we have also positioned ourselves in a positive cycle. Finally exiting the Kali Yuga of decline and darkness, we are now setting forth into the Satya Yuga, the Golden Age. Although I'm referencing Yugas, there are also others that describe the cyclical nature of creation and evolution of Humanity such as the Mayans, Hopis and Ancient prophecies. They all point to a time of great awakening and a return to Oneness. And even if we don't believe in ancient texts, we can't escape the fact that there are several Cosmic and Planetary cycles that culminate around 2012 ~ cycles of 5120-years; 12,960-years; 25,920-years; 129,600-years; 432,000-years...

Our Physical Body and DNA God-Codes
If we look at our physical body alone, we can begin to understand that it truly is a miracle of creation, not just biologically, but spiritually and in quantum terms. The human template has literally been bestowed with "the best of the best" from various creator races, crafted with Love and Divine intentions to be multidimensional and super-conscious beings.

We have in-built chakra systems that are being upgraded and expanded to activate and accommodate the changes that we are going through. We have our pineal gland that's a crystal receptor for higher-dimensional downloads and transmissions. We have so much water in our cells acting as a programmable "computer" that enables further activations.

When fully conscious, we become the creator gods and goddesses that we were always meant to be, our own stargate, able to traverse dimensions and different realms of existences. The god-codes previously lying dormant in our DNA are now being activated and coming online, the process of awakening to our full potential in full swing.

Light From Above and Below
I recently learnt from an interview with Judy Satori (which you can find here) that not only are we receiving so much Light frequencies from "above", but also "below", from the core or Heart of Mother Gaia. Her crystal core is also transmitting Ascension energies to us, so we are being constantly bathed in high vibrations of transformation for positive change from all angles. It didn't occur to me before that our Inner Sun is also transmitting these energies, making sure that exposure to higher frequencies from all angles are covered  ~ no shoddy planning here!

Our Sun
The sun-zaps that we're being gifted with are changing our very thoughts and emotions in order to precipitate a transformational awakening by influencing the way we see our world. Jim Self has explained it very eloquently by tying the electro-magnetic properties of the sun's emissions to our own electro-magnetic nature (thoughts and feelings).

Our Sun, acting as a conduit or a delivery system for frequencies, activation codes, Light from the Galactic Centre and beyond, ensures that we are getting a constant source of these energies. We are being re-wired, re-coded, re-activated every moment of every day, and the energies just continue to get more intense.

Ascension Guides, Wayshowers and Ground Crew ~ Human/Terrestrial
Never before in Humanity's history have we had so very many guides and wayshowers helping us in our evolution. We are being constantly nudged, cajoled, encouraged, pepped and sometimes even shoved, in all sorts of ways, to awaken and get on to our own spiritual path, to return to Light. There are numerous types of guidance that's available to us, catering to a wide range of needs. So many flavours to suit so many palettes...from channeled information and downloads to spiritual tools and quantum devices ~ we just need to use our inner compass to point us to one that serves our highest purpose.

And then we have the Ground Crew, who cover a vast spectrum of activities that contribute significantly towards uncovering truths and exposing lies as well as creating new models for a New Earth. These are the courageous who help Humanity awaken to the situations around them, oftentimes risking disbelief, ridicule and even their lives.

Non-Terrestrial Assistance
We are not doing this on our own, and we never have been. We've been consistently assisted by Higher Beings who offer protection towards Gaia and Humanity, and aid us in our awakening, in a plethora of ways. There have been contactees and witnesses over the decades that generally paint an encouraging overview of the spiritual evolution that awaits Humanity as well as the benevolent action of these Beings, which include the Intraterrestrials, and the Angelic and Ascended Realms. The number of contactees have soared in the past few years, and today, we're able to receive information that are really detailed and in-depth that reveal to us how we are being constantly aided and guided. The level of involvement by these Beings seems to be increasing, which can only be a very good thing indeed.

At the very least, we are assured that no more wars will be allowed.

Gaia Steps In
Mother Gaia  has said..."Enough". She's ascending, no question about it. The only question is, "Are we ascending with her?" The Star-ship is ready to go, all we need to do is to grab our ticket and get on board.

Our Own Divinity
I will paraphrase Kyon (Lee Carroll) and Lazaris (Jach Pursel): When we hold the hand of our Divinity, welcome the Divine energies into our lives and invite our Divinity to become our co-creator and Divine partner, we align ourselves to our highest purpose.

We don't need to steer our lives on our own, we can do it with the guidance and assistance from our Divinity. When we do so, it becomes much easier for us to ease into the Ascension process and make the choices that keep us on track.

List Not Exhaustive
These are just some of the things that I can think of at this point in time (and also to prevent this post from over-spilling!), and I'm very certain there are many more that I've not covered or are even aware of. I hope that it's at least sufficient to effectively convey the message.

"The enemy is within." I'm not able to locate the source of that quote, but whoever came up with it certainly revealed a loaded truth of great magnitude. Let me explain.

We know how much we've been "tampered with" by the Dark to keep us...in the dark. It would seem that at every potential turn, our movement has been clamped; every effort has been made in every sector of Life and every genre of society to brainwash, manipulate, mislead, limit and poison us; they go to great lengths to conjure up illusions to substitute authenticity; they play every card to perpetrate unrest and keep us divided...etcetera. Think about it for a minute ~ why do they expend so much to "bind" us, to prevent us from awakening, to keep us from Ascending? Why have they, over eons of time, sought to maintain such a stronghold on Humanity?

There are many possible answers, but the way I see it, they all distill to just one that shouts out loud in a deafening tone....because they are afraid of Who We Really Are.

The more powerful and formidable the opponent, the more secure the prison and the more desperate the precautionary measures.

Even though we are designed to win and the Game is rigged in our favour, we still have to "show up" at the match, or else it would be forfeited, a walkover. And to show up, we just need to keep on doing what we do, in our own way. We cannot give up, we cannot give in. Each individual matters, so we need to make ourselves count. And continue our efforts to assist others in their own awakening process.

All that I've said is nothing new to you, but perhaps in times of doubt, it will serve as a reminder of just how inherently potent we can be once we align our frequencies, come into Unity Consciousness and make things happen.

This is not the time to have doubts, give up or fall into negativity. We simply cannot afford to! We are "carrying" this timeline now, and we must press onwards and forwards. By having god-codes coursing through our bodies, we have the ability to influence the outcome of the Ascension process. Although the process itself is assured, one of the variables is "when". And that's where we can play a huge, decisive role.

The frequencies on the Planet are rising every day. If we wish to increase the rate and accelerate the Ascension process, we need to take positive action towards that outcome. Each little act that contributes positively towards this process will count, will make difference. Remember, we are creator beings with god-codes, we are such a potential force to reckon with that they had to bind our powers over and over and over again.

You know what the biggest conspiracy of all time is? It's the Cosmic Conspiracy of the liberation of Earth and her Humanity, where the entire Cosmos is conspiring to ensure our Ascension. But it can't be done "to" us, we need to say "yes" and be an active participant. Free will and all that, you know :)

Time to take back our power and end this Game, once and for all, time to become the sovereign creator god and goddesses we were meant to be.

Let's be relentless in our pursuit of liberation.
Let's unleash our god-force within.
Let's decree our return to full consciousness.

As Lisa Renee would declare...GOD SOVEREIGN FREE!!


  1. Cosmic cheerleaders!!! LOL! Perfect! Thanks for the encouragement, Grace! Just keep those pompoms swingin'! The outcome of this game is assured... :)


  2. You never fail to make me grin, Stargazer! Yep, I'll keep those pompoms swinging...bring your rattles and join me! :D :D