03 November 2014

Evolving, Evolving, Evolving... ~ Kara Schallock ~ 2 November 2014

Source: Soulstice Rising

As I shared in the last Ascension Note, while the eclipse cycle is done, the energy of the eclipses continues to root out deeper layers of old energies; those that are old wounds, old beliefs, old patterns…anything that is not Love or loving. In another nine days, we will have the opportunity to step through another upgrade to our being, whether that is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual and probably all four, since we are one unit. That will occur on and around November 11. The old that bubbles up can be very old issues, because we continue to dive deeper into the core of our being. So if you thought something was done with, you may revisit it again and again till it has dissolved into the Light of Love. While the memory may remain, the energy will be let go of and there will be no emotional charge to it when it cycles around in your memory. Negative comments by others won’t stick; you won’t even notice them and this is because you healed that part of you that was wounded long ago. No longer will you take certain things personally. And as we let go of one thing; just one thing; the Light rushes in and fills that space. And in this way, step by step, we rise in vibration and consciousness.

The new and higher dimensional energies continue to flow into us. Not only does this help bring to light old issues, but it brings the ability to manifest our Heart’s Desires. As we receive this energy, we continue to move forward based on the new guidance we receive, if we choose to follow it. Light brings Clarity and this helps us see more clearly where we are, where we have been and where we are going (not in detail, but in essence/feeling). We see what impedes our progress and the Light gives us the impetus to continue to let go and shift those things that hold us back. We actually change our DNA, cellular and electrical systems through our choices, with the help of the downloaded Light which also includes the energy of the solar flares. This then affects us not only emotionally and mentally, it affects us physically. The forms we have created, be they work, relationships, family, etc; shift as our consciousness shifts. If something shifts, let it go and be what it is shifting into without attempting to fix or defend it.

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