11 November 2014

Ground Crew Newsletter by Valerie Donner and Mira from the Pleiadian High Council ~ 10 November 2014

There's a personal message from Valerie as well as a poem (especially for those who are s.o.....v.e.r.y.....w.e.a.r.y.....), how the glorious Solar energies are transmuting our core being and advice on how to best manage the Solar flares (solar-zaps), and an interesting update from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council, who speaks about removing "negative forces that no longer belong on the Planet"...! That mirrors the vision that I had recently and the post from John Ross (here and here).

Please read Valerie's newsletter here or reach the archive here if you are reading this in a future time.

Excerpt from Mira's message:

Please focus your future and that of the earth on the positive. Let go of the negative because your thoughts are more powerful than you can imagine. Every day your words and thoughts create your next manifestation. The now moment is the preferred way of being.

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