11 November 2014

Halls of Amenti Portal ~ Sirian High Council via Anna Merkaba ~ 10 November 2014

Just a week ago, I felt a pressing need to re-read Noel Huntley's "Fall of Man", where he chronicled the cycles of evolution of our Human and Galactic history, and the correlation of each cycle to our DNA strands to the Sphere and Halls of Amenti. I was fascinated with the information when I first read it a couple of years ago, but after re-reading it again, I appreciated it at a deeper level, and how they tied in to the Emerald Tablets by Thoth, which I also started to re-read (and am still reading!).

This message brought forth by Anna Merkaba sheds more Light on the subject of Amenti...now I know why I had to go back to those two writings. Links to those sources will be provided at the bottom of this post for those interested.

Source: Sacred Ascension

Gaia’s entrance into the photonic belt of light, has brought the advancement of mankinds civilization. And as such, interdisciplinary motions from the intergalactic committee, to take action in finding the resolution to common issues of representation of human beings who dwell on GAIA, and their entrance into the Halls of Amenti has been put into effect. Their entrance into the Halls of Amenti.
For within the informational encodings, and within the books of life, lay the key to the portal of eternal bliss, lays a key to the portal of eternal bliss and understanding thereof. For the discoveries under the Egyptian Pharaos of eons past, have indeed sparked interest from those who are in control of such dwellings on Gaia, has indeed sparked such interest from the governing body of mankind, and the unearthing which have indeed taken place is yet to find its outlet into the mainstream media of your world.

For the informational decree which has indeed been uncovered carries an awe inspiring and shocking information that shall propel humanity into a stratosphere of recognition and respect, respect and awe of their neighboring planets. Recognition, respect and awe of their neighboring planets.For the portal into another universe from which humanity can indeed travel into another dimension has been uncovered, the portal of magnificent proportions has indeed been recognized and uncovered by those who hold the sacred keys to the universe.

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