16 November 2014

Healing With Balance Part 2 ~ Untwine ~ 15 November 2014

Source: Recreating Balance (Link to Part 1 included)

Before diving deeper, i would like to clarify again that i am mainly talking about masculine and feminine energies and not genders. Although genders do matter because physical configurations create energy, every being is always composed of both polarities. So the point is not for women to be all receptive and men to be all active, or vice versa. This automatically brings disharmony internally and externally as it doesn't respect who we truly are. Both polarities need to be integrated and connected to each other internally, within each being.

There has been a very difficult situation for divine feminine energy on this planet. We are bathed in a random quantum anomaly gone out of control, which is not what the design of Source is for creation. Creation is meant to be an exploration of pure harmony. Disharmony is not necessary for this exploration, on the contrary it blocks and suspends it. Think of a musical orchestra, being out of tune will never bring any good music, the music can only start once the whole orchestra is tuned together. Our real life can only start when we have harmony.

Because of all these evil and out of tune things, we are often forced into a state of closedness. We simply naturally can not and do not want to receive disharmonious things. But then what happens is that most of the time we close our receptivity, and in that process lose our connection to real life. We stop listening to each other, we stop observing and feeling other beings and our environment. We stop connecting with all parts of ourselves. We become lost in a state of flight/fight without the anchor of feminine energy, of unity between all of creation.

One good practice to help with this is to visualize red light coming out of our root chakra, through our legs (that can be seen as roots) and extend it inside the earth to its core and around our whole aura.

However this problem can only be really solved with balance and connection of both polarities.
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