03 November 2014

Here and Then Not: Transitioning Between the Dying Old and Manifesting New ~ Denise LeFay ~ 2 November 2014

Going by the recent messages we're getting, it would seem that we are making progress across our obstacle-laden Ascension path, but this final stretch where vestiges of the old still linger may yet require the best from us. The way Denise describes it is like an oscillation, where we see the world around us play out from one polar reality to the other. She also offers sound advice:

Another big thing I’ve personally discovered about these current transitional Mad Max times of ‘ocscillation’ is that one MUST now, absolutely, with no more excuses, delays, or BS of self or others rest, sleep, nap, get out-of body, “meditate” etc. and self-care like never before. Period.

Please read her update here.

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