07 November 2014

Inner Voice Message : EARTHEART ~ Gil

Source: Miraculture

It is essential that we will begin to sense life beyond our human physical, emotional and mental existence. To re-sensitize ourselves to the deeper currents of soul, spirit, source. To re-develop the higher senses of our sovereign self.

This intentful and purposeful willingness requires a redirection of our life stream, a shift of our consciousness, a re-centering of our awareness – in our heart. 

This will realign us with the Divine Process of Restoration.

The transmutation of the old past, stagnant, limited, controlling, imposing, slow, ignorant, ego-mind energetics and their replacement with the ancient future, unlimited, creative, allowing, quickening, regenerating and miraculously intelligent heart energetics. 

Do you think it is by chance that the two words for EARTH and HEART are made out of the same EXACT letters in different order? EARTHEART…

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