29 November 2014

Interview with the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan ~ 27 November 2014

And this is the second of the two links in a previous brief post.

Ibrahim Hassan goes through several topics here (some highlights below); I would like to add some supporting validation for something that he mentions, and that pertains to "one" lone being who is blocking the complete surrender of the Chimera group on the etheric level. This is the same thing that I was told in a private communication, so I'm not in a position to provide more details other than some (more!) good news ~ this being has now also "shifted", and things are proceeding forwards again.

Source: The World of Truth

Some highlights:
  • "...very, very close to complete clearing of Astral"
  • Consciousness level of Humanity as well as free will plays big role in affecting the progress rate
  • Divine Plan for correcting cosmic anomalies is on-going, with good results
  • Harmonisation of Earth's frequencies to the Galactic Centre now in final stage, expected to complete between mid-Nov and mid-Dec
  • Chimera/Archons clearing proceeding well
  • Archonic technology at astral levels largely eliminated, Light energies now able to reach Humanity
  • The "key" to close the cosmic rift exists now
  • The Event is two-phase: at Earth-level (physical?) and at spiritual/energetic interdimensional level
  •  Four timelines for different "groups" of ascendees, and these proceed in stages
  • The Event is pre-requisite for the ascension plan for Humanity as a collective
  • Earth's MPR (magnetic pole reversal) delayed from end-2012 to mid-2015; Galactics trying to delay this as much as possible until after The Event to enable smooth transition at ground-level
  • Light is conscious, Dark is the unconscious state; we will thus move into Oneness without polarity.

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