04 November 2014

Is the Value of Money About to Change? ~ Thrive Movement, and Comment from Colleen @PAO ~ 3 November 2014

I had intended to post this video from Thrive Movement (Foster Gamble) on its own, but then I received PAO's newsletter which also featured this same video. I've decided to share what Colleen (PAO) has to say about this topic, which inevitably covers NESARA, a topic I generally try to discuss on this blog.

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Colleen's message:

I was overwhelmed with a sense of relief after watching this video youtube from Foster and Kimberly Gamble ~ "Is the value of your money about to change". Foster openly discussed the Dragon Elders and the "white hats". At the 5-minute mark he stated:

"A committed group known as the 'White Hats' are brokering a peaceful resolution with the elders and the cabal for resolution."

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In this 23 minute video, he outlines what Sheldan has been teaching the PAO Light community for a decade or more. PAO was one of the first to openly discuss and educate us about NESARA, the dark cabal, the development of the BRICS countries, the Ascended Masters and the Dragon families and their part in the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

Foster has known about these things for a long time but believes this is the right time to come forward because they are in the process of manifesting now. This is an excellent, short and concise summary of what is taking place globally for the upliftment of humanity.

If you thirst for more detailed information on these subjects, look at PAO's webinar archives and dvds. There is a wealth of information to choose from ~ to assist you, we have created an easy to use subject index with handy links.

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I want to take this opportunity to thank, with all my heart, all the people who have bravely held the principles of NESARA, the promised prosperity programs, new governments, and the graceful unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Without your unwavering dedication and belief (without concrete proof) in our role to manifest these things, we would not be where we are today. Has it taken LONGER than any one of us thought? YES! Remember, we are dismantling a power structure that has been in power for 13 millennia ~ no small feat. But we are approaching celebration time.

As St. Germain often reminds us ~~ stay centered, stay focused, stay in the NOW and stay loving.

ZaZuMa! Heartfelt gratitude to all!

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