20 November 2014

Micro to Macro : Assisting the Acceleration ~ Sandra Walter ~ 18 November 2014

Source: Creative Evolution

Sub-topics and highlights:
  • Making higher choices
  • Golden Race DNA template activation
  • Pliable Time Dynamics and creativity
  • Personal and other revelations
  • Planetary detox
  • Accelerating Disclosure ~ our micro-level efforts
  • New Paradigm alignment (holiday season as "walking our talk")

Blessings Beloveds,
The accelerated timeline which HUmanity and Gaia activated last month, triggered by a cosmic alignment for a Pure Source Light Intelligence Gateway, provides new layers of possibility for HUmanity’s Ascension. While we shifted to the primary timeline of Ascension many years ago, we continually choose the secondary timelines of our collective experience. We do this as a collective, with the leadership of Wayshowers and those carrying a 5D/6D vibration in their energy fields, to draw the collective experience up into an accelerated Ascension experience.
It is a highly creative passage; the timeline Shift of October brought forth creative stimulation and an active energy. It is a great turning-up on the volume of the Shift, and as Wayshowers we take the lead in participating with these new dynamics.

Accelerated Timeline: Higher Choices
As always, our Ascension experience depends upon Micro (personal choice) level, and Macro (planetary) level as collective activity. These reflect the greater choices of the Macrocosm of Source, Universe, and Galaxy, but let us focus on our local neighborhood for the moment.

Our accelerated timeline provides strong support for action in alignment with the New Light. This continues throughout the Shift, however the recent timeline jump may be giving you the go, go, go for creative activity. Simultaneously, we have a few very physical effects of the timeline acceleration.
Golden Race DNA template activation. Templates stored as holographic imprints within the planet were amplified during this timeline jump of last October. Technically, they activated during the Eclipse-Blood Moon gateways which began last March, and continue through September 2015. The Eclipse-Blood Moon gateways act like a sieve for energies, each gateway getting shorter, more precise, more focused on seeking and finding prepared vessels for Divine HUman Golden Race embodiment. These templates now serve as a grid system, working in harmony with the 5D/6D crystalline grid. It is yet another support system for our Ascension to a more multidimensional DNA.

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