14 November 2014

Personal Note: Post-11:11 Portal Update ~ Anna Merkaba ~ 13 November 2014

Source: Sacred Ascension

Greetings Everyone! I wanted to share a few things with you about what is happening all around us.

Most of you have already seen me talk about this elsewhere, but for those that haven’t here’s the gist:
As many of you have noticed the energies of the past few weeks have been unsettling to say the least. Lots of ups, and downs, complete disconnection from the source intermixed with total unity and incredibly powerful bouts of connectedness. Rapid influx of energies that were scrubbing and cleansing us from inside out. But above all, CHANGE. Much has changed all around us. And I know that you all have noticed since many of you have shared your experiences with me. The change that most of us have noticed is sudden change in your relationships with others. A complete overhaul, if you will, and a push to recognize and truly open up, not only to your own self, but those around you.

The honesty that has been flowing forward has changed the nature of relationships that we are accustomed to. Many of you have noticed the same patterns emerging which you have seen before, but this time you are able to understand the necessary steps to take in order to turn these seemingly identical experiences from the past into a different pathway with a different outcome, bettering you lives in the process.

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