10 November 2014

Rainbow Light Warriors

Valiant's Magic Angel and the Light Beings from "Knowing"

This is a vision I had during yesterday's Planetary Meditation initiated by Cobra, which I would like to share here. What I would usually do is to overlay the entire Planet with a diamond Flower of Life grid, then visualise Light energies from the Galactic Centre through the Sun, right through the Flower of Life grid, thoroughly infusing the Planet.

Yesterday, however, I was presented with a vision I had not expected in any way at all.

I saw a cone-shaped portal opening from our Sun, connecting to Earth. Then numerous (many, but not like "in the thousands") transparent (not translucent) giant Beings with rainbow-hued energies came through the portal, and on to Earth. They only showed as white outlines with rainbow energies  swirling over their bodies.

The next vision I saw was these great Beings leaving Earth, back towards the cone-shaped portal....and they were escorting negative Beings!! There were many of these non-Earth human negative ones, and they all filed across space towards the portal.

After that I promptly fell asleep, only to wake up several minutes later still having crystal clear recall of the visions.

I'm sharing this dream because it's a sort of prelude to my next post, which I will get to in a while.

The two images above are representative of how I saw the Rainbow Light Warriors (which is what I will call them); if you merge the two, you will get an idea of what I saw.


  1. Dear Grace,

    What was the next post you mentioned. It would be great to read them both together at this time.

    Many Blessings...

    1. Namaste ShaunieL :)

      The post following this one is here:

      What do you think of it? I would appreciate your thoughts :)

      Many Blessings,

  2. I know this is really old but my family actually had a strange occurrence during a recent storm and had encountered these rainbow light beings...I can't find anyone to talk to about this and am starting g to think we are bonkers...but myself my boyfriend and our daughter had seen them...cosmicplum@gmail.com

    1. I don't think you're bonkers, Cassie :) I only saw a vision of these magnificent Beings, but I know for sure they are real.