27 November 2014

Receive and Spread a Thanksgiving Blessing from the Holy Ones ~ Laura Pieratt ~ 27 November 2014

A beautiful blessing brought through Laura Pieratt for all, regardless of whether Thanksgiving is celebrated where we are on this beloved Planet.

Source: Laura Pieratt

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the USA. I hope you will enjoy this holiday with loved ones and let the Spirit of Love fill your hearts and the day. And for those who do not live in America, this is for you, as well!

“The Holy Ones” blended with me to offer a light language and English message of Thanksgiving for all. I hope you will allow the healing energy in this light language recording to assist you in releasing what no longer serves a heart of gratitude as you go forward in love this day! Let us fill with Love, Grace and Gratitude, then spread that blessing throughout the world by our intent and expansion, as you will be guided in the audio.

In deepest love, peace and gratitude, Laura

Please go to Laura's site to listen to the 8:30-minute blessing.

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