07 November 2014

Stratification Potentials Reach Maximum During the Coming Moments ~ Gaia Portal ~ 7 November 2014

I'd like to think that the recent Cobra update about the coming window of opportunity and this update from Gaia Portal about "coming moments" are connected and related...This message also joins a growing number that confirm the positive timeline we are in; the Ascension process cannot be derailed.

Source: Gaia Portal

Stratification potentials reach maximum during the coming moments.
Gaia collectives requiring assistance for trans-leveling have all required to complete this function.

Particulates are coalescing at this time into a recognizable entity for Ascension.
Hindrances are leaving the Gaia sphere continually, as conditions warrant.

Prior timelines have collapsed, as the Higher Gaia timeline is strengthened and recognized.

Unprecedences continue until finalization.

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