12 November 2014

The Dark's Last Stand ~ John Ross @Freedom4Humanity ~ 11 November 2014

My eyes are still wide open as I post this from John Ross, who reported his side of the story about the Chimera Surrender in a previous post. I don't need to tell you that if this is true, then...well...I have no words ~ or rather, too many ~ to describe how I feel.

So I post this without knowing about the authenticity of the report; it could be true, it could be fake. I simply don't know, and John, no offence intended :)  But let's all focus our highest intention and highest vibrations for the complete liberation of Earth and her Humanity, and let's not stop doing our inner work as well as our service to this process. Each one of us can make a positive difference, remember we are potential gods and goddesses, our original blueprint, the state we will return to once we have full consciousness. Namaste!

Just go straight to John's site here to read it.

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