01 November 2014

The Energies of November ~ Jamye Price

Source: Crystalline Soul Healing (includes Light Language video)

October and November feel a bit similar, with a little less intensity in November.  Whew!  October had the energy of focusing on healthy boundaries and releasing what is no longer serving your empowerment.  The awesome astrology brought up some great energy for release as we compounded intense moon energy, powerful sun energy and a double whammy of eclipse energy in a mercury retrograde soup!  You may have noticed patterns, people or beliefs coming up for review and release in October.  Better out than in!

November will have a similar feel of boundaries, change and empowerment – though not quite as intense as October.  November will have less of a feeling of saying no (letting go) and more of a focus on, “Yes! This is what I want to create!”

Manifestation flows as an inspiration, then requires some choices and choices beget participation/action.  Inspiration is invisible, unmanifest and intangible – all very malleable and exciting!  November may have the energy of stirring inspiration while your actual life experience is choice that creates a foundation for your future creation.  Change is a constant and becoming well with change is important in these powerful, fast moving times!

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