23 November 2014

The Homecoing of the First Wavers ~ Rananda/David ~ 30 August 2014

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This is highly interesting information which if authentic, means the literal transformation of Life as we know it, and the glorious culmination of a lifetime of "missions" for Lightworkers. This is the first time I've seen it (it's a few months old already) ~ I'm posting this here for your own discernment and higher guidance, and yes caution for those who are wary, there are specific dates mentioned! Many thanks to dear Ellie for pointing this to me 💜

Source: Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

The number of “First Wave Wayshowers” that have been working on the Earth for many lifetimes, amounts to thousands, but arrangements have been made by the great Light Beings of the Higher Realms for them to return “Home” to the ships of the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL), in groups of several hundred at a time, beginning on the 21st December Winter Solstice 2014, and extending, on astronomical, and astrological alignment dates, throughout 2015 and beyond.

These First Wave Wayshowers, many of whom have served on the Earth for many thousands of years, since the beginning of the evolution that ended on 21st December 2012, have now finished their tour of duty on the Earth, and are to reascend to the ships of the GFL to reap their reward for their many lives of service to Mother Earth and Humankind. These First Wavers originally volunteered  for this service and descended from 6D to 5D to enable them to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation. They were advanced spiritual beings who exerted a civilizing influence on Humankind and formed a spiritual connection for them. Many of them were accused of heresy and were terribly persecuted in some of their incarnations on the Earth. A few were lauded or sainted, and many went completely unrecorded in the annals of history. Some of them had served in the same way on other planets before coming to the Earth.

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