30 November 2014

Updates From John Ross (Freedom4Humanity) and Team-Mate Katelon Jeffereys (Empower and Balance) ~ Part 1

I have decided to lift my own embargo on updates provided by John Ross, and will now also introduce reports from team-mate Katelon Jeffereys about the on-going process of liberating Humanity from control. You may know from my recent personal title-less update that I had alerted readers to the latest developments from this two-member team of etheric negotiators; if you are following their progress you will also know that things are moving along positively, albeit with some obstacles. Work therefore continues until the etheric developments manifest in the physical.

Recent updates from Ibrahim Hassan also paint a picture that generally gels with the negotiation and clearing mission of this team. I had highlighted specifically that he mentions the "one" being that was blocking complete surrender; John Ross has just released more information that says this same thing and indentifying this leader (no prizes for guessing who this "one" is!). Reports from Sheldan Nidle add further validation that progress is indeed being made but is hampered by desperate last-ditch counter-moves. And of course, in the past couple of weeks alone, Cobra has reported much success in the complicated clearing of energies and technologies.

(**Update: Finally, my own experience where I was presented with the vision of what I call the Rainbow Light Warriors escorting non-terrestrial dark beings from the Planet towards the Sun, and through its portal.)

One thing I need to make clear is that sometimes reports from various sources differ, not because the information is conflicting, but because there are different perspectives in this very unfathomably complex and Cosmic-sized task of liberating Earth and her Humanity. (Even the different Star races and Galactic "units" have different plans and missions.) I have only recently understood another thing ~ etheric/astral-level developments are not the same as the physical. There is a time-lapse before the etheric/astral manifests on the physical. Obvious point, but it was one that I had not even considered prior to now.

And even if all the I's are carefully dotted and all the T's are diligently crossed, this doesn't mean that results will follow instantaneously. It's like having our ancestral home illegally seized and occupied by rogue squatters and then booby-trapped with explosives to prevent a takeover, and we spend a lifetime trying to regain it. Finally, after a long saga of toil, we reach an agreement where they will vacate the home and we are so relieved that we've concluded this eternal quest. The rogue squatters move out but....a couple of do-or-die members dig in and refuse to exit. It looks like we are at that point.

There's just one thing more. If these reports do not resonate with you, then please just simply move on. The reason I stopped posting them was because it created a debate on Cobra's site and caused distractions (and potential jeopardy) for the on-going individual missions, as I have explained before. We shouldn't let this happen again ~ these Lightworkers risk their lives to carry out their missions for the rest of Humanity. We must never make things worse for them by having them clarify or defend their information.



  1. Thanks, Grace! I appreciate your posting and sharing these reports with us. They may not be everyone's "cup of tea", but that's where our discernment comes in. Keep up the good work!


  2. Stargazer, I love your support, thank you! I do aprreciate it :)