17 November 2014

Updates from John Ross from Freedom4Humanity

This is just a notice to whoever is interested.

While I will be following future updates from John Ross @Freedom4Humanity, I won't be posting them here on my blog. The main reason is that I do not wish to potentially jeopardise any on-going mission by any Light beings or forces, or create confusion or even a mini-tsunami, like what happened the first time I featured John Ross (I was even misquoted in one of the comments on Cobra's site!).

As long as I feel guided to follow his updates, I will do so. I'm still clueless as to the authenticity of his reports, but that won't stop me for the time being. Cobra has categorically stated the Chimera has not yet surrendered, contrary to John's information.

If you wish to follow John's updates, please visit Freedom4Humanity.

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